Best Natural Amethyst Crystal Soap Bars



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Amythest is an amazing crystal with great benifits when worn

Amythest crystals help keep negative energy away, it also helps stress relief and anxiety disorders

This crystal is known to soothe irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, fear, sadness and grief

If this crystal can do this to the inside of you imagine what it can do to the outside

Our life changing Amythest soap bars will have you feeling completely restored on the outside while your crystal will having you feeling restored on in the inside

Treat your mind body and spirit to everything good

Made with organic ingredients

Our soaps are free of any synthetics, SLS chemicals, detergents sulfates amd lathering agents:

Coconut oil

Safflower oil


Shea butter

Purified water

Sodium hydroxide

Sorbitol propylene

Emulsifier- sobitan oleate

Conditioner- oat protein

Titanium dioxide

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