Best Renew Clay Mask Reduce Impurities



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Packed and loaded with a ton of benefits for your skin

These clay mask have bentonite clay, kaolin clay, charcoal, and turmeric powder in them to give your skin a nice and renewed glow all while taking out all the gook and grime from the day!

No preservative added

This clay mask ships dry in 8 oz packaging



All that needs to be added is a bout 1/4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar or distilled water to give this mask a clay consistency apply with a foundation brush, or fingers, sit for 15 minutes then rinse, pat dry

Treat your skin and grab yours today


Benefits of Bentonite clay- Removes oil from skin;s surface, calms breakouts, reduces impurities from the skin and treats acne while reducing pimples and skin infections.

Benefits of Kaolin clay- Gently cleansing skin especially those with sensitive skin, reduces oily skin, detoxifying and purifying to the pores, removes dirt ,grime,germs from the day.

Benefits of Charcoal- Unclogs pores, removes deep impurities, dead skin cells, black heads, gives your skin a nice even tone and smoother looking skin.

Benefits of Turmeric powder-Reduces dark spots, acne scar appearances, help restore your skin natural glow.


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