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Look fierce with clean, groomed brows anytime. This electric eyebrow trimmer delivers precise grooming for brow upkeep at home whenever you need a trim.


New Design Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Makeup Painless Eye Brow Epilator Mini Shaver Razors Portable Facial Hair Remover for Women

Stainless-steel blades give you that super-close-shave that razors deliver, but without painful nicks. Lightweight and portable, bring this elegant tool along with you for a quick eyebrow touch-up whether in your car or in the bathroom at work or school.


Plus, with USB charging, you’ll never have to worry about batteries again.


For best results


Skin should be clean with no makeup or creams.


Pull the skin taught and move the pen in small, circular motions or from side to side. You may have to go over the same area several times to achieve the best results.

New Design Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Makeup Painless Eye Brow Epilator Mini Shaver Razors Portable Facial Hair Remover for Women


Material: ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel

Product Size: 13.1 x 1.6 cm / 5.16 x 0.63 inch

Product Weight: 48 g

Charging Method: USB



1 x Trimmer

1 x USB Cabel



Say goodbye to painful plucking and uneven scissor cutting with this elegant, precise tool!


Additional information

Brand Name



Tungsten steel cutter



Item Type

Eyebrow Trimmer

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery

Model Number


product type1

Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

product type2

Eyebrow Epilator

46 reviews for Mini Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Pen

  1. D****a

    This little instrument works exactly as described and has been a great tool in my weekly vanity care.

    I’m not sure why I never invested in a product like this before, but I’m happy that I eventually did. This eyebrow care tool does make my weekly brow maintenance a faster and more accurate chore. I cut down half the time needed to tame my beasts, and you can also use this device on other areas of the face. Pretty convenient!

    Size and weight feels good while handling, battery is reasonable, small enough to pack in a makeup bag, and rechargeable. I enjoy this product and hope this little brow shaper holds up in the test of time and use.

  2. B***a

    This was great for precision shaping/shaving. It’s loud and ugly but great for low maintenance grooming. It’s an electric shaver so it works best if you make mini circles and go over the same place a couple times so all the hairs can get into the little slots on the head of the device to get cut. With this I can skip tweezers and a blow blade.

  3. A***n

    Love this device! Got it two days ago and already used it three times, including once on my husband to remove nostril hair and ear hair. Painless, fast, works like a charm! Built-in light is amazing – wow! Light is what makes all the difference as usually it’s so hard to see what you are doing. My eyebrows are looking 100% now, too – very clean, precise work! Love the charging cord that comes with the tool. I think I will get a few more as stocking stuffers for Christmas – highly recommend!!

  4. V***a

    Great product for eyebrows. The product does all it says it can do. Earlier I used to go to some salon for eyebrows but now it saves my time and money. Really great product.

  5. S****y

    One of my roommates had one of these and my cat loved it. I bought another when I moved out, and yep, she still loves it. The shape seems much more comfortable than the window platforms. The pad will eventually wear out or get torn up, but a piece of blanket material makes an easy replacement. The suction cups are pretty strong and easy to apply, just make sure the window is clean. We did have some trouble with it falling off with a heavy maine coon mix, but for most cats it’s great.

  6. A***n

    This is such a brilliant idea. Our kitten is able to not only get up away from our 2 year old but can also squirrel watch. I sprayed a little catnip on the fabric bedding and he jumped right in. He now goes in all by himself and spends a lot of time in there. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a cat. Very secure and strong.

  7. W***r

    It took 1 month for the first kitten to start using it. It took 2 months for the second kitten to adopt it. Fortunately they both eventually learned to enjoy it. I am pretty impressed with the suction cups. I’ve only used it on windows that do not get direct sunlight. I’m concerned the direct sun will cause the suction to fail while the kittens are in it and scare them from ever using it again. I’ve had that problem with other devices that use window suction cups. If I put it on a direct sun window and it doesn’t fall I’ll up the stars to 5.

  8. A**a

    Extremely happy with this purchase. I cleaned the window and suction cups with Windex, and they stuck tightly to the glass without nudging. The perch is very well made, and is NOT an eyesore on the window. If you get one and your cat doesn’t seem interested, use a bit of catnip as enticement. Maybe it’s “cheating,” but we all know that catnip is the knee’s bees when you need your cat to go someplace they don’t want to go, lol 🙂

  9. T***n

    My girls LOVE their window bed. It was a bit too cold in the winter being pressed against the window for them but one or the other has been in it pretty much constantly since spring kicked off. They’re 10 and 15 pounds and fit fine. Our boy has taken turns in it too and seems to like it.

    It’s stuck to the window with very few problems. Only once it lost one suction cup but that’s with months of use and a chunky cat. It suctioned right back on and has held tight. I love the green colored one. We ended up buying four more and one as a gift for someone. My only ‘complaint’ is I wish there were more color options. But the green is fine 🙂

  10. N***y

    I purchased 2 of these Window Beds, and am very impressed by the quality of the product. The overall construction is very well done, and the suction cups are large enough to safely secure the product with either of my cats nestled inside. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because, after 2 weeks, neither of my cats have taken to it.

  11. D*****a

    I love this hair remover! This is my second order. I bought it for my eyebrows, I hate plucking them, it’s so painful. My 13 year old daughter also struggles with some hair above her lips, so I wanted to find something safe and pain free for her. This was it. It leaves the skin very soft after using it, and it lasts 2 or 3 weeks. I liked it so much I got one for my mom.

  12. V****a

    It’s a little hard to use! You have to really work the area back and forth to remove hair in order to shape your eyebrows. The demo makes it look like an eraser that works with one stroke across a section- not quite true. But it is faster than tweezing.

  13. V*****e

    It works great, is easy to clean, and you barely have to charge it for it to work just fine (morning rush and all). My one complaint is that I haven’t figured out a way to turn off the little light around the head of the razor. When I am looking in the mirror to do my eyebrows, the light washes everything out and it’s actually hard to see sometimes. Nothing bad has ever happened (with bushman eyebrows, I go slow lol) but it would be nice to just turn that off sometimes *shrug*.

  14. L****y

    Never need to use tweezers again! I already have my daughter and granddaughter using one. My best friend should receive her’s Monday. They love it! It is extremely rare that I recommend anything to a family member for obvious reasons. It is great for those nearly colorless hairs that I cannot pluck. I recommend getting your brows “done” if you are concerned about this amazing tool so you can just keep the shape forever yourself. So fast and quick. Love this.

  15. S****a

    One of the best product for such an amazing price. This can rescue you from your last minute eyebrow emergencies. Now I can visit Salon for my eyebrows just once in a month and maintain the beautiful shape as long as I want. Also it’s not painful like plucking eyebrows with tweezers.

  16. F****a

    Very effective in removing unwanted facial hair! And compact enough to fit in my purse, so it’s perfect for travel!! I love that it’s rechargeable, it’s so much more convenient

  17. D****l

    I was hoping this would work for getting more of those fine hairs below the eyebrows. It takes quite a bit of over & over the same spot but eventually works. Just be sure to keep your skin tight. I let go & the razor grabbed the skin on my eyelid crease. Got a nice scab & puffy eye.

  18. M****s

    I gave them out as a gift. It’s a great trimmer. This little product is painless and easy to shape your eyebrows too. It does not pull your hair either and cut very smoothly. It’s so compact and portable.

  19. L*****e

    Very light. Compact, convenient to hold. Shaves well. Comes with a drawstring for charging and a cleaning brush. At the moment the purchase is satisfied.

  20. B****s

    LOVE!! I was skeptical honestly. I hate going to get my eyebrows done. I did my eyebrows! I obviously went by the last shape but easily dont need to go now. I wish i did before and after. I dont have any experience in this ay all. So easy!

  21. N****a

    Super easy to use for a quick touch up anytime. I had this for less than a month and keep it in my purse (for whenever I find myself in good lighting!) I often don’t have time to drive to the salon and wait for an eyebrow wax, so this product is perfect to shape up eyebrows or unwanted facial hair in between visits. Unlike tweezers, it’s totally pain free and only takes seconds. Be productive while sitting in the pharmacy drive through line!!

  22. S***a

    My goal is to allow my brows grow back. I stopped waxing and plucking them. This device allows me to clean up my brows so painless and effortless.

  23. R***l

    Works well. But I thought that I would pluck and not shave, it was my fault, I read it wrong.

  24. R****y

    It’s not bad. It does work but you have to be patient. I use this product to clean my eyebrows and it works well. I love the light feature, that was a nice touch. A bit loud, but love the travel size. I stick in my purse and it just looks like a lipstick

  25. T****a

    Just a Dream! Works fine and carefully! Thank you!

  26. E****a

    Very good trimmer, painlessly, the instruction is attached. The store sent quickly, thanks. Recommend.

  27. B****s

    I already got the item very beautiful and it comes in good condition thanks to the store

  28. K***e

    The parcel went long! But I got what I wanted and expected. Works fine!

  29. R****a

    It does what it says it will do, the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because you do have to go over an area a few times to remove the hair if it isn’t long enough. This will definitely save you money on eyebrow waxes or threading. I suppose if you have very coarse hair this will not work well, which may be the reason for the mixed reviews. I recommend letting the hair grow in a bit for easier removal and so you don’t get ingrown hairs. I’m happy with this purchase!

  30. A****a

    Excellent trimmer, shrubs small hairs, I recommend to everyone, USB cable works

  31. T****a

    Good! Charged. Turned on-works. Looks good.

  32. A****n

    I really like this! It is gentle on your skin and trims unwanted hair fromeyebrows and face very well!I think a lot of woman complain about these trimmers because they assume they should shave all hair but if they done that you

  33. T*****t

    I’m a sucker to try and find some new pleasure that I can give to my two year old cat, Audrey Hepburn, to enrich her life. I already have a window sling on one window that she uses but it needs regular adjusting of the material sling she lays on because it all slips to one end. This appealed to me because it is solid and holds it shape. At first, Audrey didn’t pay attention to it. I would sit her in it and she would jump out. Two days went by. I put her in it, she would jump out. Repeat. Then I got up from a nap the other day and this is what I found, she was napping too until I woke her up. She looked so comfortable, it made me happy. It is a very sturdy unit, I’m sure it will last a long time. Audrey and I are pleased with this purchase. Paws Up!

  34. G****e

    Beautiful stylish thing. But it seems to shave, does not pull the hairs. Thanks to the store.

  35. M****a

    It’s okay, you have to really press on your skin to get as much hair off. Doesnt get everything.

  36. A****x

    Exact product to the description. Product identical to the tele-purchase for less expensive.

  37. R****a

    Very good, takes the hair very well. The pen very warm and light is very weak. The store sent very fast

  38. L***o

    Consistent with the description, recommend goods.

  39. I***a

    Satisfied with the purchase, recommend

  40. H****a

    At first I wasn’t really getting anywhere, but once I read the instructions and used the circular motion they suggest, it was better. Not the easiest task but it gets the job done.

  41. R***e

    Looks as described, I didn’t use it yet

  42. V****s

    Quality corresponds to the price. Works without problems and complaints.

  43. F***r

    Great product for tweezing eyebrows. it’s great! Small, practical!

  44. C***a

    Great product! I bought two – 1 for me and 1 for my teenage daughter. She wasn’t too sure about it when she saw it but actually told me it was pretty nice. Looking to save money by letting us not having to go get our eyebrows waxed every two weeks. Now we can actually do them ourselves at home, in the car, wherever whenever. And being rechargeable we don’t have to keep buying batteries. Highly recommend.

  45. T***l

    This item works great according to my wife. It’s easy to manage and control. My wife’s eyebrows has never looked better.
    I even gave it a try by using it to remove unwanted hair in my nose and ears. It worked great. It’s also extremely easy to clean. The given price was great and well spent

  46. K***n

    I just got this and only used it once. It worked very well. After my first use I realized some the thicker hairs might need tweezed before use next time. Will take a little practice to be a pro at it but so far I’m pleased with the way it cuts and trims. I was a little skeptical but it did just what it’s advertised to do.

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