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This is about the cutest thing ever!

The Cat Window Bed is a must-have for cat lovers. Let your cat nap in style and dream away in comfort. This is great for bird watching! Place the bed in locations around the house and at heights that your cat would ordinarily not be able to see or rest in. This creates great enrichment to your cat’s life.



The pod-like hanging cat bed can be attached effortlessly to any window glass through the use of strong suction cups. These can support weights of up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds). Each cat bed comes with a mat that can be placed inside the hanging bed for additional comfort and warmth during the winter.



To install the pod, please clean glass surfaces beforehand and make sure that the suction cups are dust-free. Press them firmly against the glass until there’s no air between the two surfaces. If you’re facing difficulties with the installation, dip the suction cups in hot water until the plastic softens a bit.


Cat Window Bed



Each order contains one pod-like hanging cat bed, one mat, three suction cups, six wooden beads, and three fixing rods

The pod is crafted from fine but durable felt

The mat has two faces – one side being lambskin and the other being soft oxford fabric

All fabrics are breathable and washable



Bearing Capacity: 13kg

Size: 67.8 x 28 cm / 26.7x 11 in

Color: Beige


Package Includes: 1 x Cat Window Bed


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Is Smart Device






Bearing Capacity

Within 13kg





Product name

Cat bed


Window Cat Hammock


Pet Hanging Beds

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22 reviews for Cat Window Bed

  1. Customer

    I wanted something for my cat that would allow her to have a great view of outside, feel cozy (she likes to be inside things, under covers), and not take up tons of space. This is pretty cool, but she wouldn’t use it at first. It took about 2-3 weeks before I saw her in it. Now she uses it a good bit. I wish it came in other colors though. Beige is just kinda blah. The suction cups seem strong. I’m scared of it falling while she is in it, but so far so good. I check it often and it still seems strongly stuck to the window.

  2. A***s

    I’m very happy with this product. More important, my cat is happy. After all, she’s the one who counts around here. We’ve had it for about 3 wks. As anyone owned by a cat knows, they can be finicky. Either they will like it, dislike it or, like mine, be cautious and wary at first, but then content.

    *1- Suction cups are sturdy and do not slip. I followed another reviewer’s advice to clean both the window and cups with alcohol.
    As with all suction cups I use, I recommend you push on them occasionally to check adherence (especially with temperature changes).
    Mind you, my cat does not jump into this bed because she is skittish. I have a chair next to it and she steps into it for now.

    *2- The bed itself is constructed out of a sturdy form covered with a heavy, canvas-like material (almost like a strong dog toy) and it does not hold on to fur. I’ll just vacuum occasionally. It is spot-clean only.

    *3- It is wide (from end to end). If your cat is long or enjoys stretching out, this will be a positive.

    *4- Easy to move from window to window or, as I plan to do, advance the height at which it’s placed as my cat adjusts to it. My windows come down almost to the floor. I have started it very low to let her acclimate to it.

    *1- It is made so that the cat is directly against the window (no edge between cat and glass). While this allows for maximum viewing, the window will be cold in the winter unless in strong sunlight and is already hot in the afternoon here. My kitty prefers to get out of it in the heat of the day and return after it cools down. Be aware that if you have it positioned low, dogs and people on the outside may spook your cat.

    *2- The inner removable pad is flimsy and will hold shedding fur. I won’t waste the time to wash. I’ll just replace with something more practical (and comfy.)

    *3- The width from the window to the back of bed is quite narrow. This is not a problem for my tiny girl (5.5 lbs). I’ve seen pics of larger cats enjoying it but if yours is large and prefers to curl up, this may not be a winner for him/her.

    ***Important–Measure your windows!!! Make allowance for the edges of the suction cups, which extend past the bed’s length. Others have detailed the exact dimensions in question section. It is longer than it appears. Many thanks to another reviewer for pointing this out.
    ***Please do not use attached to auto window. Your cat could easily be injured, killed or lost during an accident. Not worth the cute factor.

    I hope this is helpful, as I appreciate the reviews of others and use them to make informed choices. Have a great day!

  3. F***r

    It took two months and four days before one of my cats suddenly decided this was a pretty cool spot to nap and hang out. At first they were both terrified of the weird new thing I hung on the window and then completely ignored it for two months. Finally one day I looked over and my big fatty was just chilling out in the bed like she’d been hanging out there forever. Only one has adopted the spot so far but I’m more than happy with that. Taking a star off because the first time I hung it up it fell down after about 15 minutes. But it’s been sturdy since. And my cat is a larger lady and there have been no issues. So happy one of them finally took to it!

  4. V***n

    Love it but one of the suction cups just doesn’t want to stay put. I will have to get a replacement. Other than that it’s amazing my cat loves it!

  5. A****a

    I don’t usually write reviews, but I felt it was fitting to write one for this product. I was a little sceptical when I first saw the product because I was very unsure if it would be sturdy enough to actually hold on the window when/if my cat lounged in it. Not only was the product quickly delivered, but as you can see my cat absolutely loves this window seat. The best part is that it is completely sturdy and all worries of it not holding on the window have been replaced with compete happiness with the product. I would recommend this to anyone and their furry babies, as I have been pleasantly surprised with the product myself!

  6. S*****a

    It’s purrfect for my 17lb devil cat who was always walking on my keyboard driving me insane. Now he has a spot above his sister all to himself where he can lounge unaccosted and bask in the sun!

  7. I****a

    I was very excited to get this as my cat loved her window seats. Her old ones were not the most attractive looking things by the window. This one is much more compact and looks way better. The suctions cups are super strong. Overall, I just like this one so much better. However, I’m not the one using it. Even though my cat uses it, she doesn’t get on it as much as the other eyesore ones that she has had. She mainly only uses it as a seat and not something she usually takes her cat naps on. I think the problem is the “volume” of it doesn’t allow for her to comfortably lie on her sides with her legs sticking out like she was able to with the older ones. Her only option when lying down is to be in an oblong ball position. The inside also slopes down a bit so she is forced to lean against the window, which isn’t her favorite thing. The liner pillow that came with it is a rough felt material that just feels itchy and abrasive to me, but I don’t think it bothers her. I still wrapped it with a pillowcase just in case though. I ended up keeping it just because she uses it once in a while. I hope in the near future, this company will come out with a product that has more depth to it without so much of a slope that will aesthetically look just as good. I do understand that more depth might cause weight to be distributed differently and the four suction cups might not be enough for the size I’m wishing for (although the suction cups are REALLY REALLY strong) nor would it be good for the window. I can only hope.

  8. O***o

    Super easy to install. Haven’t had any problems with the suction cups coming off. Holds both my lighter under 10 lbs. cat and my heavier plus 10 lbs. one. The space is narrow but they seem to enjoy the cozy fit. Took a couple of weeks for them to start using the beds regularly but now they spend at least one nap a day in them if not more. Bought two beds and they can often be found snoozing side by side or otherwise checking out the action in the back yard. I think sometimes it may get too hot for them with their black fur if the sun is shining directly on the beds, but that’s only a small part of day assuming there aren’t any clouds. Overall very happy with these and would recommend giving them a try.

  9. T****a

    We’ve had this for about a month now and As you can see ONE of my 3 cats loves this. He is in it all day long; getting in and out to watch birds or nap. To get him in it in the first place I put a little catnip in it. It was old catnip so it didn’t get him all crazy but he did, from then on, get in it. The other two as far as I know have not tried to get in it. That could because the one has claimed it. Seamus O’Malley (the one who loves it) is a 1 year old and I’m not sure his weight. No more than 10lbs though.

    The suction cups are super strong and we’ve not had it fall or even look like it will fall. We did immediately take out the pillow insert becuase Seamus started eating it (it’s like a fluffy, nappy fabric that can be pulled). I wanted to post a video of him turning around in it becuase that question has been asked but it wouldn’t allow it. He doesn’t always have trouble turning and seems to still love it so I don’t think the awkward turning has turned him off from it.

  10. O***a

    Ok, so anyone with a cat knows that anything you buy for them is utterly snubbed in preference of the box. In this case however, and I have 2 cats, both the Thing In Itself and the box were superlative. Two birds, one purchase.

  11. L****e

    I have a 14 year old cat who is unusually small because she had a difficult beginning in life. She was showing signs of depression (winter was hard on her), so on a hunch, I bought this bed for her and put it on the east facing window in our dining room. She LOVES it! She can lay in the morning sun and get all nice and toasty warm. It’s easy for her to get into and out of. I am amazed how well the suction cups work on it. I think this thing could hold 4 times the weight of my little 5 pound girl. I am so glad I got it for her.

  12. P***r

    The old lady of the house loves it so I love it! It took me a few times to show her what this new foreign contraption is but with a little loving and persistence, she is now a fan! This package arrived quickly and packaged very well. The only advice I would give to everyone would be, make sure you measure your window first because I’m the big dumb dummy head who didn’t lol. I was still able to attach the bed because it’s so flexible, big plus! All I did was squeeze the bed to fit and made sure the suction cups were very secure with no air trapped inside.

  13. C****e

    Once I got this thing to stick, it has served us well. Took 9 tries to get the dang suction cups to stay, but now that its up, its sturdy. My kitten loves it. I put a blanket on top of the pillow it comes with to make it warmer, and create barrier between her and the cold window (now November and 30 degrees). She loves laying in the sunshine for her afternoon naps. Highly recommend. Again, suction cups were tricky. Had to heat up and reheat cups several times, and keep cleaning window with rubbing alcohol before I got it to stick. So, keep trying if you have trouble.

  14. A***x

    Sam is by far the biggest cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. He loves to snuggle his large self into the bed and watch the goings on in the yard, tease the dog and harass the squirrels .. kitty nip was used for enticement the first few uses but after that he was enjoying with no added treats.

  15. U***y

    I wish I had room for more! My fur-babies love this thing. It was easy to mount and holds my biggest cat (15lbs.) with no issues. I highly recommend this if you have sunbathers.

  16. H****o

    I have three 13 lbs Bengals. I got this specifically for one: Mahler- I tried putting him in it with treats, putting in treats and getting him to retrieve it, but no go. I also introduced this to another, Bosch (Melanistic Bengal= fancy black cat) and he didn’t seem interested. Imagine my surprise when I found the one that I didn’t introduce it to (Theo, who is a low to the ground Mouser-type) sitting as pretty as you please in it. Then Bosch decided to get in on the action. I guess 2 out of 3 cats isn’t bad.

    The product is well made, seems sturdy and to accommodate their girth, I did (as was suggested by another user) bring in the side cups in closer (well with that window, I didn’t have a choice), and it wasn’t as narrow as other people have experienced.

  17. T***a

    We recently adopted a kitten, “Dealer of Death”. Due to frequent road trips, we quickly started leash and car training him. From past experience, cats usually want to keep their eyes on the road from as high of ground as possible, so we ordered this.

    It took all of five minutes to convince DoD to try it, and it’s become one of his primary resting spots while the car is in motion. The suction does occasionally get lost with large temperature changes, but we haven’t had any major mishaps yet. The biggest downside is a lack of color options. A bonus feature would be the ability to move the suction cups around the frame.

  18. H*****a

    This is the best window perch I have ever tried! We used it to travel with our foster kittens to California and all around Arizona. They adored it! When you foster neonatal kittens you can’t leave them for more than a couple hours at most since you are bottle/syringe feeding them ever 2 hrs. So once the kittens were old enough to not need to stay in their large dog carrier when traveling we got this and they spent almost the entire trips in it sleeping or watching the world pass by.

    We still had the carrier behind the second row in our SUV covered in a large beach towel for the litter and a safe space to hide if they got scared. But they really never used it except for potty time. Once we arrived at the house they had their carrier and a small area to get used to the space before introducing them to the rest of the room and home. We spent 2 weeks in Pinetop on vacation in the family cabin where hubby came up for the weekends. Then 4 days in Cali and a couple days in Prescott at client’s summer homes as hubby worked.

    This last week the 14 week old kitten, Rowan/Stevie (a tuxedo male), was adopted after being cleared from his health issues and neutered. He had to take a longer time to get healthy and become socialized enough to be adopted. His forever family is ecstatic that he is already likes traveling and is planning to get one of these for their car/home. Lark is 13 weeks now (a diluted Torbie, which is a Tortie with Tabby markings) and will be spayed this coming week as she just finally passed her 2 pound mark! She was very, very ill, small and eventually the only survivor of her litter after her sister Gracie passed. ?

    I loved our tiny Gracie. Our teen daughter and Lark have bonded VERY strongly (as Torties and Torbies frequently do with a single person, though she loves hubby and me, too). So we have officially “foster failed” and will be keeping her. ? She has had a great time traveling, seeing all the scenery especially all the birds, dogs and people. Though they can’t always see her through the tint she Meows, Trills and does that mostly silent bird fascination sound to them all! Though she will likely have to share her perch when we bring it into our daughters room with our other two cats! I think we will need to get another one or two of these to keep them all happy! ❤️

  19. S***h

    Just received two window hammocks today. I just installed the first one without warning the suction cups, and I did insert the pillow. Put my 12-14lb Maine coon in it and he wasn’t totally in love. Just flopped out bc the cushion made him fairly tall in it so rolling just let him roll right out of it.
    However, then I installed the second one, soaking the two twist suction cups like the directions suggest, installed it and didn’t put the cushion in, and my kitty is IN LOVE. He is already passed out in it and I haven’t even left the room from installing it yet.

    I mentioned the install approaches as I’d like to test how well the soaking actually helps. I also installed the second one with the side cups pulled in a bit like other reviewers had mentioned. I think it’s a great suggestion, especially if you got some fat cats like I do ;).
    Overall, I am very very pleased with my purchase. I will update my review if anything to the contrary comes with prolonged use. I will be taking the cushion out of the first one just simply for having more room.

    First photo is the second install. Second photo, you can see how much taller his body is due to the pillow. He still, clearly, liked it though.
    Also, install was very easy and it seems most seriously sturdy on my windows. I used 91% rubbing alcohol to clean the windows and cups

  20. Z***t

    I managed to set it up without any issues. I wiped down the window with rubbing alcohol and paper towel, and let it dry. I placed the 2 rotating suction cups in 160F water as well as the bottom cup (which I didn’t manage to remove from the hammock!) for 2 minutes. Then I quickly wiped all three suction cups with a kitchen towel and pressed hard against the window while still hot. Turned the knobs and waited for them to cool down to let the cat use the hammock. It worked just fine. Also I used a softer fabric to put around the pillow because it is not very soft. My cat loves her new hammock!

  21. M*x

    I have two cats about a year old. I bought this 3 months ago because I wanted to try out one before spending money on 2 of them. A week later, I had to buy a second. Anyone who says it falls down just isn’t putting it up right!! Mine did fall the first few times; but after cleaning with rubbing alcohol, they’ve now been installed successfully for over two months. I included a photo of my cats’ sad lives before they owned window seats. Now, they each have an “assigned” seat.

    They literally sleep in these every night. Just the other day, I walked in and found them BOTH sharing one, which was the cutest thing ever. Just FYI they weigh approximately 25 pounds together. I would say I have them about 3 feet off the floor. My heavier/stronger cat jumps directly from the floor into the seat and it doesn’t budge. My smaller cat prefers to jump onto something else before entering his seat. I truly was skeptical, but now I don’t know how I went so long without these seats!

  22. M****m

    My babies absolutely love this. We tried the enclosed one in the past but it’s so narrow and only has one opening that my cats get stuck and can’t turn around in it so they don’t use it. But we have three of these at home and they love it! So cute. They even manage to snug two at a time!!!! Definitely a must have for your fur babies!!! And it’s never fallen once- my cats are definitely
    On the larger side- 15 pounds each at least ^.^

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