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These Rubber Screaming Chickens Are a MUST HAVE!


The description of Screaming Chicken Toy

This is the coolest screaming chicken on the ranch, so loud that it will wake your cattle, neighbors, friends, and parents.


You can make fun of anyone with this chicken for a cheery mood every day, any day.


No one can resist its screaming nature, making it ideal for a Christmas gift for friends, family, and pets. Bring this chicken as a perfect joke or gag toy to any party for a screaming-good time. 


Made from safe, non-toxic rubber.

Size: 31 cm/ 11 in (it’s super light and easy to carry)

Color: Yellow


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32 reviews for Hot Sell Screaming Chicken

  1. K***z

    I love this chicken it’s perfect, a sidenote, the head and neck come off of the body but they attach back on quite easily so you can rotate the head as you please

  2. D***v

    The toy is very cool. The dog is very happy. I will order more

  3. D***a

    Funny toy, ordered for a little dog. The dog is happy.

  4. O***a

    Very grateful for the goods! In connection with the epidemic, everyone’s mood fell, and when I got these funny curpets in a pink package-just the mood rose! It took a long time, but it was quarantine again. Recommend!

  5. O***a

    The dog is happy! Very funny toy! The mistress is happy too!

  6. G***o

    The dog is happy! The size for a kilogram puppy is perfect) it went for a long time, but it was worth waiting.

  7. V***v

    Much more stiff than I expected, but makes a great noise and worked well for our Thanksgiving relays.

  8. M***v

    The chicken is just cool, our chick eats with joy, ordered the smallest

  9. O***v

    Toy for a puppy or a small dog, an adult will eat a wax… a piece of funny puppy like… the price is adequate-I recommend ..

  10. R***r

    Chicken is cool, so screams 🙂 the dog is delighted.

  11. V***a

    Chew., she does not eat, but she loves dogs. Delivery fast. Thank you

  12. M***a

    The toy is cool. It’s loud. Dog delighted

  13. T***K

    This is bright cherry and makes lots of noise. All fun for my dogs. Durable? No they chewed it into small pieces in 30 minutes. I’ll be seeing yellow plastic in their poop for a couple of days.

  14. Customer

    It has just arrived and is accurate to the description – I am very happy with it and would recommend

  15. A***v

    She lacks air to louder and yell longer, you need to make them a little more in size! 🙂

  16. A***v

    There isn’t much to say. It’s a yellow rubber chicken. It looks just like the picture and arrived as promised. Dog very much liked

  17. M***r

    This has become my dog’s favorite toy. However, the head gets removed from the body fairly easily during tug of war. It does go back on though. Other than that, it’s pretty tough. My dog destroys most toys pretty quickly but this one has not been permanently damaged yet.

    Be aware: it is LOUD. The dog loves it and sits outside the kids’ rooms making it honk in the mornings. They keep trying to hide it from her but somehow the dog finds it.

  18. V***a

    Great chickens. The dog is really getting used to them, barking on them. It’s time. Recommend the item, the price is super and fast delivery. Thank you

  19. Y***n

    Great for a puppy York, sound like a duck

  20. F***a

    I thought the toy would last a litle longer than 10 minutes…..our dog loved it for that long—-He has another quite similar and it’s lasted—the rubber is a little stronger, however—–really cute idea…..

  21. E***a

    This is a riot—that is if you can stand the screams! I attached a note when giving it to my daughter(don’t make me regret this!) and I don’t regret it because she loves it!

  22. C***a

    Okay, it’s a rubber chicken. It’s a cheap rubber chicken. And if you’re purchasing it for entertainment value for you three young kids, IT’S COMPLETELY WORTH IT. No, it’s not sturdy or durable, but that turned out to be best part. The head came off within the first week but the noise maker remained imbedded in the neck. Turns out, if you breath in through the mouth of it or blow out the other part of the apparatus, one can make some of the most epic sounds EVER. My recommendation is, if you purchase this, go ahead and ditch the body and create a musical number that no one will forget (though they might want to). Bonus, it works as a great way to get your children’s attention, versus a generic, boring whistle. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  23. A***l

    My dog loved it at first, but the squeak/squawk wore out within only 2-3 days. It now sounds like it has laryngitis and barely makes a noise at all. He was also able to pull the two halves apart pretty easily. They popped back together, but I’m not sure why it is designed to pop apart to begin with? Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this unless it’s just for a quick prop or something that you don’t need to function for very long.

  24. A***n

    Everything is cool, fast and the toy is very like!!!! Only we did not expect that such a small will be))) take more size)))

  25. M***a

    This is my dogs favorite toy! He has had one for years- it is his present to us when we get home or he has does something he is good, etc…. his last one broke after five years of hard use…. I needed one quickly so I ordered a replacement “chicken”. It came quickly and was exactly as was expected… it even looks better made than the original one I had… thick rubber chicken with squeaker…. such a happy dog again!!! I was very happy with the customer service, was they send a thank you note too!

  26. A***a

    Bought these for my wife for her birthday! Was a gift from the cat! She absolutely lost her mind when she opened the gift. I still hear the squawking in my mind. They are in the living room and when I’m in a bad mood she squawks them at me. Great way to brighten. The mood, get a laugh or annoy your friends!!

  27. I***i

    This was purchased as a gift and unfortunately it showed up smaller than I thought it would be and it wasn’t exactly as described. I still sent it as a gift because it was funny

  28. O***a

    My fiance loves (probably too much…) those videos with the singing rubber chickens, so I purchased this one for his birthday! After informing him that he will NEVER wake me up with the rubber chicken (…or else the rubber chicken will find itself at the rubber chicken slaughter house…), he began to squeeze it, and this rubber chicken is now a constant source of amusement in our house! Its fun and silly – just buy it!

  29. N****u

    Chicken is funny!!! But ours is still afraid of her, but he is interested!!! Think a couple of hours and he will make friends with her 🙂

  30. O***k

    Fair enough product for a cheap rubber chicken. However, if you’re buying this chicken to use as an instrument to play songs like you may have seen on YouTube… Definitely not good for that. The pitch is not variable No matter if you squeeze it hard or soft, faster slow. One pitch only. You’re probably not purchasing this chicken to make music like I was, so I’m sure you’ll be just fine!! If you are intrigued and a little adventurous, get on YouTube and type in “Bohemian Rhapsody, rubber chicken“ in the search bar. ?

  31. M***r

    Bought this for a classroom Christmas gift exchange. I put it in a large, wrapped box and all the kids HAD to have the gift in the big box. We played a game where kids stole wrapped gifts from each other and one by one the gifts were opened. Well, this box made it to the very end of the game. All the kids gathered around to see what was in the giant box. The room exploded with laughter when it was opened. The kids loved it. This is a must have gag gift.

  32. D***a

    First, giving this to your dog what do you expect will happen? Dogs pop and trash tennis balls, so do you really think this rubber chicken is going to be any stronger than a tennis ball? LOL

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