Mini Air Purifier for Car

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Mini Air Purifier for Car



Breathe in only clean, pure air while driving!

Our Mini Air Purifier for Car purifies air, reduces dust pollution, and minimizes bacteria.

You can use a drop of aroma oil to add your favorite scent to the air.

This little purifier will switch off automatically after 2 hours of work, preventing over humidification and excess power usage.


 2019 New Mini 12V Car Steam Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser Essential oil diffuser Car humidifier many Colors


♦ Compact and lightweight

♦ Perfect for travel use

♦ Leakage protection

♦ 180-degree rotation

♦ Different colors to fit into any car interior




Material: ABS Plastic, PP Thermoplastic

Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple

Voltage: DC12V

Current: 130mA – 150mA


Water Capacity: 50ml

Size: 1.97 x 1.97 x 6.29in / 57 x 56 x 164mm

Working Temperature: 0-45° C 



Package Includes:

1 x Mini Air Purifier for Car

1 x Spare Sponge 

1 x User Manual


2019 New Mini 12V Car Steam Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser Essential oil diffuser Car humidifier many Colors


Note: Use the product when the car is turned on. Don’t use it without water. Keep away from children.


Additional information

Brand Name


Power Mode

12V DC

Rated Power





one year


as photo

place of origin



best and timely


within 24 hours

51 reviews for Mini Air Purifier for Car

  1. M***w

    The product arrived in good condition, it is beautiful. Good for the price,

  2. S***e

    Cute, made neatly. In the dark it really glows

  3. H***y

    It came very quickly (faster than I expected). I bought it as a gift. Very beautiful. The order is satisfied.

  4. T***s

    My daughter saw this necklace on Pinterest and asked for it for her birthday. It seems a little delicate but it is a unique piece of jewelry. It looks like a tiny crystal ball filled with air with a poof of clouds. It feels pretty solid for the size. My only concern would be to pendent to chain connection.

  5. D***d

    Would like if clouds moved around. They dont

  6. L***a

    I really love the necklace, I will often wear it. Thanks.

  7. S***a

    My mother in law loves to look at the clouds and use her imagination to make things from them. I knew she would live this necklace and she did.

  8. V***a

    Absolutely amazing, 100% recommend for everyone!

  9. R***l

    This little air diffuser is great to have in your car. It beats having a regular car air freshener. I add scents that go with the season and it diffuses great. I keep a water bottle in my car so that when it has no water I can refill. There are reviews that says the diffuser stops working or there is a red light but the light is just saying that it’s off. Press the button once it turns green which means continuous . Twice it turns purple which means intermediate so every 8 seconds it will spray for a few seconds then turn off and three times it turns red which means off.

  10. F***e

    Thanks a lot! Lovely piece of jewelry.

  11. M***k

    Recommend this Sky Necklace. Quality really good!

  12. M***n

    This product is great for the car but you need to buy the oils to diffuse separately. The humidifing portion is great.

  13. F***k

    carefully packaged, looks fine

  14. D***d


  15. W***m

    Very fast shipping, as described. I recommend this shop. Thank you very much :)))

  16. M***a

    I love this! I put a few drops of my favorite essential oil blend on the wick, and it distributes through my car so strongly! I love that you can choose between constant or intermittent mode, and I have to refill about twice a week from using it during my work commute. Just a PSA, don’t use sleep support oils in this diffuser, lol!

  17. L***a

    I loved this diffuser but because it sits directly under my radio in my car I can’t use it. The mist affects my touchscreen…?

  18. T***r

    My car ride to work today was extra lovely with this diffuser going! I added about 5 drops of essential oil and it plugs right in to my cigarette lighter . You can add any oil you want and it lets out a good amount of mist. Very happy with the quality and price and how simple it is to use.

  19. A***n

    Everything very well made and very well designed. recommend!

  20. A***a

    I am in LOVE with this! If you are looking for an oil defuser for your car – just stop and order this one. It arrived so quickly, is bigger than i expected (this is a good thing), suuuuper easy to set up and use, and works perfectly! I love the two settings – I use the second one that sprays intermittent for aroma therapy. The stream is strong, on both settings, and with 49ml of water and half an ml of fragrance oil, the smell is perfect.

  21. A***n

    Just wish it diffused intermittently

  22. J***r

    Very nice pendant necklace, good quality. Thank you very much!

  23. S***n

    I was wearing this when a friend came over, and he instantly noticed and commented that he liked it. It’s a simple necklace with a lobster clasp. My ball has a lot of “clouds” in it, but what I don’t like is where the clouds contact the inside of the sphere. The touch points look like little bits of bright white paper stuck against the plastic. While I do like this necklace, I think it’s more appropriate for younger women. I think a young teen would love it because it’s so different. The length is also adjustable, because the manufacturer has added a 2″ length of chain with larger loops in which which you hook the lobster clasp.

  24. M***e

    This necklace is ok, but in person the resin looks much more like plastic than glass. And the white parts are fine, but they don’t look like clouds. It does seem like an item that would vary with each piece, though.
    Overall, this necklace is fine, but feels more like a toy than a piece of jewelry for an adult.

  25. F***a

    It comes with a wick stick that you place in the middle of the diffuser. I see this lasting a while but will eventually need changed — they have one replacement, but I don’t see anywhere that you could buy another to replace. I’ve only had it for one day, so I will update in a few weeks.

  26. S***a

    arrived in time and there are no defects. Goods meet the expectations.

  27. D***d

    There’s not much to say. This has worked for me so far exactly as advertised. As for some people saying ‘no scent’ that hasn’t been my experience. Maybe try using a different oil. I don’t know. My only “issue” is that the on/off button, it’s not clear from the lights when the unit is on/off, and really only know if I see vapor. Not the end of the world, especially for twelve bucks. I’m hoping it continues to work as I’ve seen a number of reviews here that says it just stops working at any given point. But as of now, after about a dozen uses, it’s all good.

  28. R***l

    It has a touch sensor with three different settings “continuous,” “intervals,” and “off.” We were able to use it for about 3 hours before it emptied. It works so. well. and reaches the entire car.

  29. A***r

    Such a low priced mini air purifier is truly a bargain. Thanks to the seller!

  30. A***a

    I really liked this little defuser. Depending on how much oil you put in and the scent it’s pleasant to smell. I used too much oil to start. But I’ve got it down now.
    Goes through water fast and I live in a very cold city so it did freeze. But I really like it.

  31. K***y

    Beautiful pendant – just like described it’s like looking at a pretty sky with clouds. It’s a unique piece that gets compliments every time I wear it.

  32. M***n

    The store is the most awesome place where can I buy air purifier and have no doubts over its quality or condition

  33. T***r

    Blue is light blue not as in the photo which is slightly dark blue but otherwise it’s good put it in my keys.

  34. K***n

    5 stars to the store! I am extremely satisfied with my purchase! This is super easy to use, fit in my car perfectly, and seems to be made of quality materials. It lasts for a long time if you fill it…probably 8 hours total. I love having calming essential oils diffusing in my car.

  35. M***e

    This product is amazing. It works perfectly. Easy to setup and fill. My only dislike is: it blows through the water so you need to refill often.

  36. M***e

    My car does not have a dashboard cigarette holder. My holders were in the glover compartment and under the arm rest between the two front sets.
    Unfortunately, when place in the holder under my armrest, I could not close the armrest.
    The features of mist and aroma worked fine.
    My rating would have been higher if the product could be better used in my car.

  37. M***w

    I absolutely love this item!!! It allows me to have the scent of my oils in my car while I’m driving!!!! It has 2 settings and put out the perfect amount of humidity. Love love love it

  38. S***n

    If you are anything like I am, between transporting kids, trips to the grocery store, mall, and work, that “new car smell” hasn’t lasted in your family vehicle. For those of us who enjoy a relaxing drive home after a stressful day, or even a morning pick-me-up, this car Aromatherapy diffuser does the trick!

  39. L***m

    This is a beautiful necklace at a great length. It’s not too heavy, either. I love the blue sky color with the little ‘clouds’ inside. It makes me happy when I wear it. Definitely a unique item.

  40. K***e

    I really love the necklace, but very very disappointed in it, I thought that the clouds moved inside the setting. In the video it looked like the clouds moved around but apparently the model holding it, was turning it so it looked like the clouds were moving. I will still wear it. Thanks.

  41. S***a

    I liked how it’s flexible for various plug positions. It was easy to fill and use. The container is small though. I almost missed the cute little power button on the top. Worked great. I was surprised by how much steam was coming out of it! The scent wasn’t super strong, not sure if that’s because of the filter or maybe I needed more essential oil. They include an extra filter, but I wasn’t sure how to replace it.

  42. A***r

    + I used this for my daughter who loved FROZEN movies, so we told her this was Elsa’s!! She LOVED it!
    + It looks very nice, bright blue with the cloud effect.
    + Right for the price!

    – None so far!

    5/5 recommendation.

  43. F***k

    Very beautiful! Arrived well packed and protected. Thanks! Easy to use, can tilt the steam in several directions so it’s super versatile for different cars. I spend a lot of time in my car for work. Definitely a must during these cold winter months to keep my skin and eyes from drying out.

  44. K***n

    A reasonably priced item with an excellent quality. That’s a bargain! Works great ? Really liKe it ?
    I had to exchange one of them, but it was a breeze; they were absolutely fantastic & timely to work with. (got my replacement so0 quick, no hassle, no questions, NO PROBLEM!!!
    ¡Will buy from Seller again, for sure!

  45. R***l

    looks beautiful, the condition is perfect! Not all things last forever. I use my car diffuser every day so I expected it to not last forever. The first one I purchased lasted almost 1 year, but I couldnt live without it so I stocked up and bought 2 more!

  46. S***n

    This is great Mini Air Purifier for Car! Beyond expectations! Quality is excellent! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  47. K***y

    Bought on sale, never regretted the purchase! Just received and love it! I drive alot and I’m really going to enjoy a diffuser in my car. I like that it’s adjustable (the water/diffuser portion swivels) so hopefully it would fit in any vehicle.

  48. M***w

    The best thing about this item is its undeniably high quality! Im very very happy with this diffuser! I use it in my car daily and it is one powerful humidifier/diffuser! I can smell my essential oils throughout my entire car shoetly after powering it on. Its easy to use, easy to assemble and easy to clean and store. I would definitely recommend this brand of diffuser!

  49. T***s

    thanks a bunch! It’s just a great, solid, dependable product. Everyone who rides in my car loves it and wants one. I Lyft in DC and constantly get compliments about the smell of the essential oil from the diffuser and how cool it looks.

  50. M***y

    I love my aromatherapy air humidifier! It makes my car smell great and right now during the winter season we’re not constantly shocking ourselves due to static electricity! Lol I use it every time we’ in the car and we drive an hour one way every Sunday to visit family and it lasts the whole way there. I fill it back up with distilled water and oils and drive all the way home.

  51. A***a

    I love it, even when I wasn’t feeling good I put in Eucalyptus oil to breath better and it did the trick, however, watch out for some oils with strong odor that might be over powerful inside the car/SUV. With no oils and I want that humidity in the air it does the trick. Glad I bought 2 of them one for me and one for a gift. And they told me they love it too. Better quality than expected, Shipping was quite fast!

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