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? The purchase which save your life. Emergency Sleeping Bag  ?

Be ready! Be safe! 


? MUST HAVE for traveling

Even regular trip may become extreme. Take your life control and Emergency Sleeping Bag. Bright color makes you visible at a distance. It helps you to be found.


This is more than just a sleeping bag. This emergency sleeping bag serves as your emergency blanket, survival shelter, and survive outdoors longer emergency blanket all-in-one. This multipurpose kit helps you survive in any weather situation.


This emergency sleeping bag can reflecting up to 90% of your body heat, even if you suddenly encounter windy, rainy or snowy weather, with an emergency blanket, you can be protected from the cold and strong wind. Better to enjoy the fun of outdoor activities.


The emergency blanket can keep everything dry in the event of sudden rain or snow, you can wrap your body to keep warm, or lay it on the ground for waterproofing or moisture-proofing

Tear Resistant

Survival bivy bag is constructed of 26um extra-thick mylar material & puncture resistant polyethylene material. The durable material makes the sleeping bag very strong, and can be used repeatedly without damage.


Lightweight and Portable

The sleeping bag is very light, weighs only 4.1 ounces, samller than a can of coke, the bivy is lightweight and compact and can be stored it in anywhere even in your coat pocket.

Easy to use

1. Pull out  2. Unroll 3. Climb inside


Outdoor Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag Thermal Keep Warm Waterproof Mylar First Aid Emergency Blanke Camping Survival Gear


? Heat reflecting. Waterproof. Windproof

You may use it in every season, even in winter. Heat Reflecting technology provides keeping body temperature. The waterproof function will save you from rain.



Material: Mylar

Color: Orange, Camouflage, Green

Size: 79 x 35,5 in

Additional information


Emergency Blankets




Orange,Green, camouflage green

Orange Size

Opened up dimensions are 210cm x 90cm( 82 x 36in )

Camouflage Size

Opened up dimensions are 200cm x 120cm( 79 x 47in )

Green Size

Opened up dimensions are 200cm x 120cm( 79 x 47in )

product name

emergency waterproof sleeping bag,Survival sleeping bag,survival gear




Camping, camping, hiking, hiking, travel, disaster relief, outdoor sur

32 reviews for Emergency Sleeping Bag

  1. O***a

    Everyone got it, all as in the description.

  2. P***’

    Arrived today,I’m very satisfied,

  3. Customer

    Super fast delivery, object ok

  4. L***A

    Merciii. Very happy. I’ll recommend it.

  5. D***d

    Very well consistent with the photo is still more a survival cover

  6. K***a

    Seller to recommend thank you!

  7. F***s

    Great piece, small, in a comfortable pouch

  8. M***q

    Arrived today,I’m very satisfied,

  9. A***q

    Didn’t take it out but looks good

  10. B***o

    Perfect shipping status and Of great quality. Good seller, recommend

  11. K***d

    Product was just as described. The shipping was also timely, came before the expected delivery date.

  12. H***d

    Delivery fast, packed and assembled very well.

  13. F***s

    The product is as they describe it, I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know if it works.

  14. G***e

    Excellent value for money

  15. H***d

    Everything is fine, the product is satisfied, fast delivery

  16. G***c

    Very good product, very good seller, fast shipping, highly recommended.

  17. P***d

    It looks great, but I’m in another country now and I can’t use it. I’ll add the review in six months.

  18. F***s

    As expected. Product is very light and small. Easy to carry around. Short delivery time, thank you.

  19. H***s

    The item received. corresponds to the description.

  20. F***e

    Everything is fine, the product is satisfied, fast delivery

  21. H***l

    I hope I never need it :o) Thanks to the seller!

  22. K***w

    accurate. as described. nice carry bag

  23. K***s

    This product is great. Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Unpacking it I found exactly what I expected- a space blanket. For an experienced survivalist like myself, this was exactly what I needed for the just-in-case. For folks that expect to use it regularly for extra warmth, you’re packing the wrong gear and this bag won’t last a lifetime. Very pleased!

  24. K***o

    I can’t speak as to the size or how comfortable since I’ve never used one. But, I trust these bags because I’ve heard so many good things about them. I don’t have room for a sleeping bag in my car but I have room for this compact bag. If my car ever breaks down away from home and it’s cold I have confidence that this bag will help me survive until help arrives. And while I can’t drag a full sized sleeping bag everywhere I go, this compact bag does not take up much room in my go-bag and it’s not heavy at all. I am a repeat customer and have bought several of these. I will continue buying them – that is how much I trust them.

  25. K***e

    Never know when you are going to get stranded in the middle of nowhere. I bought it to shove in my daypack in case I ever get stuck out unexpectedly overnight. Considering getting a couple more for the car and truck. Hopefully I will never need to use it, but it looks to be everything advertised. Although it is a little heavier than the old mylar space blankets, I knew that before I bought it and was willing to accept a couple extra ounces for the sake of better durability and because the bivy concept should provide better overall heat retention than the old space blankets. Arrived well-packed and was shipped promptly.

  26. F***d

    I recently received my sleeping bag. I took it on a camping trip and decided to use it just to test out the material make up of this product and whether or not it can insulate me like the manufacturer says it can. Let me tell you this product did not disappoint me at all. I really tugged hard on it trying to tear the material and it just would not tear. Keep it mind that I did not use any type of sharp devices like a knife. Before repacking the bivy when I reached home I wanted to clean it so I shot it down with some water and I looked to see if the material was weatherproof and yes it is. No leaks whatsoever. Would I recommend this to a friend? You bet I would. Stores neatly and is compact. At this price I’m buying me a few more to keep in my car and my wife’s car as well.

  27. L***c

    Put one of these in my 12yr old hunting pack and one in mine, good extra measure of security when on your own, would be good in cold country to have in the vehicle as well. This could make the difference between being saved and a body recovery.

    Several times better than a standard emergency space blanket.

    Yes I like it, yes I will get several more as they are that nice….and make me feel that secure.

  28. H***k

    Great quality. Perfect for emergency situations – keeping it in the glovebox. Great to take camping also.

  29. J***s

    I work mids and often need a nap on my lunch break. This emergency blanket keeps me warm and is easy to roll back up. It’s durable enough to be used night after night. Once it’s rolled up, it can fit anywhere in your car.

  30. G***o

    Right after I bought this bag I put it to the test. The first time staying out in 15 degree weather in the middle of the woods I put my trust in this bag and it delivered period.

  31. O***a

    The product looks very small, but unfolded, it easily fit around me fully clothed – with additional room. (I weigh 290 pounds and am six foot two inches.) Once used, I feared it would not be easily put back into the accompanying stuff bag. I feared for no reason because I put it back into the bag with no problem.
    We purchased 4 so we could have one for each of us. I do not regret the purchase.

  32. E***e

    I purchased the emergency sleeping bag as a back up thinking that I would not need it during my backpacking trip. At night the actual temperature was colder than I expected and my 20° sleeping bag was not keeping me warm. After shivering for a while I decided to pull the sleeping bag out of its package and then I extended it on top of my sleeping bag. I started to feel warm immediately. It was a great feeling to be able to sleep warm. Get one of these and forget about expensive sleeping bags that promise to work at low temperatures.

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