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? So difficult to feed your baby in public places?

? It is not a problem with our 3 Layered Baby Powder Container! ?


Open each layer separately and don’t mix baby’s food. Due to our side-open technology you have access to every layer.

Furthermore, Baby Food Storage has an optimal size. Enough for average child’s meal and compact for carrying in a bag at the same time.


Take the storage to public places to have an opportunity to feed your baby when it is necessary.

Made of PP material, our storage is firm, so don’t worry if some food will turn out in your bag.


You may put any food inside: fruit, milk, porridge, juice and so on. Take account of the preferences of your infant.


Cute bear design attracts your child’s attention. If you have a school-age child, you may use the 3 Layers Baby Food Storage as a container for his school meal.

Don’t waste your chance! Buy now!

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49 reviews for Baby Powder Container

  1. K***c

    Looks good

  2. N***s


  3. M***f

    It’s all right. No smell. i like it

  4. J***f

    It gets the job done!

  5. K***s

    Easy convenient

  6. B***a

    Very very nice

  7. I***r

    Super quality,delivery,it took only two weeks to israel, recommeded thanks to the store will order more

  8. T***y

    So this item was good for it’s price. Its very large so I don’t like putting it in the diaper bag. But it gets the job done.

  9. D***d

    great store ! Very good quality. 10 stars. Thank you

  10. M***G

    Nothing to say is exactly what I expected! Thank you

  11. N***a

    Nice good quality and as in the picture

  12. S***y

    Easy convenient, a bit bulky and not easy to fit into side bottle pickets

  13. G***v

    Perfect, functional as in the photos

  14. A***a

    Looks exactly like the picture. No smell. Hard plastic.

  15. J***a

    Way too small than I thought, not for long trips. Great for small babies though!

  16. M***e

    I bought this blender for grinding some items for cosmetic purpose. It grinds very well and works well without the power cord which I was looking for to use it outside home. Since I’m not going to use this for any other purpose I’m very satisfied with what this offers to me. I use it for like 5 minutes daily and charging once a week. Been using it for couple of weeks. So far so good. It’s very handy and small size which is very convenient to take it to any place outside of home.

  17. T*****r

    I love this product for several reasons. Utilizing and controlling my own ingredients gives me opportunity to create amazing smoothies and maintain healthy weight control. It is compatible with purses carrying and backpacks for storage. Love this product. Perhaps you may need to consider a rechargeable battery attachment for major outings. Great product!

  18. E***a

    So I tested out my blender today and I made a couple smoothie is it honestly works like a dream I absolutely love it it’s so small and compact. The fact that it has a detachable cup is absolutely perfect for my needs. Some of the little cup blenders I have had trouble, with this one I had absolutely no trouble. It didn’t overheat and blend it up frozen fruit really easily I really really enjoy this appliance I would 100% recommend it. Especially for the price point you can’t go wrong.

  19. S****a

    This blender is surprisingly strong and I was happy to receive everything needed to maintain it. I like how small it is and easy to carry around it is. I agree with others that it’s pretty easy to use and it breaks down easy to clean as well. However I used chia seeds in one recipe and I did feel like it took me a minute to clean it up. If using the blender to mix power shakes or fruit up for one person, this is pretty awesome.

  20. A****n

    This is one of my most favorite purchases. I had every intention of giving this to my daughter but changed my mind lol! I love this cup/blender. I have a mini fridge in my room, so everything is easy to get and blend without the mess. The straws are made from good material and everything is easy to clean. I guess I have to buy a few more, to keep from losing this one to the kids! I did let my 14 yr old daughter use it at cheer practice. She said all the other girls wanted it, after seeing her blend ice in the cup.

  21. L****s

    Sometimes the blades get stuck even when there’s a tiny piece of ice and I have the blender upside down. Finally, I wish the charging port had a cover over it for easier cleaning. I’m scared I will get water in it because it will stop working.

  22. K*****n

    So this uses a charger to use and love that! Can simply plug into my car on go to give it that charge it needs when I go to use it when I get to work. In the package it came with three silicone straws and a straw cleaner brush, also a sponge brush to clean the blender! I sewed a pouch to keep everything in, only thing I wish this had, but still amazing for price and what it can do!

  23. B***f

    These are cute, it’s why I got them

  24. C***c

    Super easy to use and put cereal and milk on the go the quality of the product is great

  25. V***s

    Great product

  26. C***q

    Cute but not super easy to get formula out of…

  27. A***q

    Good quality

  28. G***s

    Perfect for my son snacks and it fits nicely in my diaper bag

  29. B***a


  30. Z***q

    too big but worth it not much of a problem.

  31. L***j

    Very useful and easy to close, fill and dispense.

  32. A***a

    The dad thought this was a waste of money UNTIL WE USED IT. So worth it. We love it.

  33. N***d

    So cute. Does great in diaper bag. Don’t have to search for containers just look for one object and you find

  34. D***B

    Nothing more to say here cant see any reason why it will not get 5 ⭐.

  35. L***c

    It is really good for traveling and easy to use. The design is so so so cute. Love it.

  36. A***n

    It’s not so easy to use but still so cute dough

  37. X***v

    It gets the job done! but a little difficult to screw and unscrew them together but that’s also a good thing so they don’t come open in your bag.

  38. D***b

    best value and perfect to take on long trips

  39. Z***v

    Great for diaper bag organization! Includes a funnel under the top piece to makes bottles on the go easy! I haven’t tested it but I’m sure 3 scoops will fit not problem if not more. Someday I can use for snacks etc!

  40. J***b

    Very useful and easy to use. I like that they’re individual containers and cannot spill into each other messing up the measurements.

  41. S***k

    This is the cutest and most useful thing I’ve bought when it comes to my baby’s feedings. Love how it fits perfectly in my diaper bag, and love the cuteness of it

  42. F***n

    Great product! It’s very pretty and true to color. My daughters loves it and knows it’s snack time! When she sees it!

  43. C***c

    I love this. I use it every time I take my little one out. I also fill it for when he is at his babysitters and it’s measured out for her and easy to pour into a bottle.

  44. S***m

    For babies, it was almost perfect, and I was looking forward to it after I bought it, and it didn’t disappoint me, the quality of the plastic was great, the size was just right, and most importantly, it was really sooo cute. It has three containersThe bottoms and tops of each individual container are threaded and completely interchangeable, I tested all of them.I have washed them in the dishwasher and by hand and I don’t think they are very difficult to wash at all.

  45. O****a

    This blender is awesome. I have been using it for a while and I simply love how convenient it is. I can charge it and bring it to work or leave it on my desk. Whenever I am feeling hungry and want something to drink, I can blend some fruits in it and have a smoothie. The charge lasts for a while and the blender itself is not very big in size which makes it convenient to bring around everywhere. In fact, you could even use it as a water bottle if you want. This product is a great idea and I am surprised that the idea is not more popular.

  46. H***b

    Originally I thought I would only use it during travel, but it turns out that I use it almost every day.
    The design of the top knob makes it easy to pour out the milk powder. The bottom can also be opened so that I can put milk powder into the bottle easily. With this design, milk powder is not easy to leak, and it is convenient for daily cleaning. I take them anywhere, but they are used to the greatest extent in the room near the sink, so I can make a fresh bottle every night without having to go to the kitchen.

  47. G***v

    I decided to purchase this formula dispense because i wanted to use it as a snack stackable container. I always let my baby have both yogis and puffs after meal, and it was a hassle to keep them crunchy after opening. Therefore, I decided to get a formula dispenser to store multiple opened snacks. I like this container in general because it seals pretty well. I also like the color very much! I don’t see this color on a formula dispenser that much so it makes mine very distinguish from other moms’.

  48. V***a

    I struggled with the formula container for a long time and finally chose this container. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received it, and it was better and cheaper than I expected. I will order another set so that I can have two sets, one for powdered milk and one for small snacks. The top cap comes off and fits perfectly inside the bottle, so you won’t spill the formula everywhere. They snap together tightly, so you can keep them in one place and stay connected.

  49. A***o

    I highly recommend this product!!
    At 2am, you will never mess up the formula in the plastic bag again!
    I have been looking for something to keep formula milk beside the bed, and when my little guy wakes up in the middle of the night, it is easy to pour it into the bottle. I had been using plastic bags before, which was very inconvenient to operate, and I ended up sprinkling the formula on the bedside table and the floor. The wee hours are very frustrating!

    This container is exactly what I want. Easy to pour, you can easily get 99% of our formula. The top fits the bottle just right, no need to worry about spilling.
    This really completely solves our troubles of waking up in the early morning, and I will never have the same dilemma as before.

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